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My Motorcycle on the ground: How do I lift?

A motorcycle, no matter how light, has a considerable weight, so it is not easy that with the brute force we can lift it if we have had the bad fortune that it falls to the ground. It is easier for us to hurt ourselves in the back or at any other point of the body running the risk of falling back to the ground causing new injuries and new damage to the motorcycle itself, especially if they are large displacement and heavy motorcycles.

In the event that we have fallen into motion, the first thing is to take the necessary security measures to be safe from any shock or run over. Then we must make sure to remove the contact so that the engine does not continue to run in that position for which it is not prepared. In this way, we will avoid breakdowns that may occur due to this strange posture for the engine and the rest of the motorcycle’s elements.

From here, you have to relax and look around for someone who can help you. One (or more) hands never come wrong … However, the technique for lifting the motorcycle does not change. Before performing this maneuver to lift the motorcycle, you must take into account if you have any previous ailment or injury in the back. Making this effort will never be beneficial for your health. If so, forget it and wait for other people to lift the bike.

We started to lift the motorcycle
When you start to lift the motorcycle, the two wheels will rest on the ground, but we run the risk of the motorcycle rolling. To avoid this, remember to leave a gear stuck. If the motorcycle is dropped to the right, it is also positive to leave the kickstand to prevent it from falling to the opposite side. If the situation is reversed, we must be more careful when we straighten the motorcycle so that it does not beat us.

As the last step before starting to lift it, we advise you to clean the floor to avoid slipping yourself or the wheels of the motorcycle. With slightly removing the gravel that maybe, enough.

Now, we start to lift the motorcycle. We stand with our backs to the motorcycle on the side that has fallen and we squat down posing our butt in the seat and grabbing with one hand the handlebar fist that is touching the ground and with the other hand we grab a fixed element and that Can’t hurt us by moving the motorcycle. Ideally, grab it by a handle or suitcase support.

Once the position is taken, push back with strength only with the legs, not with the back. You will notice that the motorcycle can be easily lifted without excessive effort. When the motorcycle reaches an inclination of 45 degrees or so, reposition your feet to resume the climb without much force.

When the bike is more or less vertical, you can drop it slightly to the other side so that it rests on the kickstand. If it is on the same side as the one on which it has fallen, keep the motorcycle upright and simply help yourself with your foot to remove the kickstand before releasing the motorcycle and change position.

We hope you don’t have to perform this maneuver many times, but take note of this easy, comfortable and safe technique.

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Motorbike Inspection

Daily tips for your Motorcycle

Engine oil level

If your engine’s in good condition it will use very little oil between oil changes. However, it’s important to ensure that the oil level doesn’t drop below the minimum marking. Here’s how to check your oil:

1. Support the bike upright on level ground to allow the oil level to stabilize.
2. If your bike has an inspection window, check that t…he oil level is between the max and min markings.
3. If your bike has a dipstick, note where the oil comes to in relation to the max and min markings.
4. If the level is too low, remove the filler cap from the top of the crankcase and top up with the specified oil type. Always use motorcycle engine oil – not oil designed for use in car engines.

Steering and suspension

When you turn the handlebars from side to side, does the steering run smoothly?
Does the front and rear suspension operate smoothly when you sit on the bike?

Coolant levels

The coolant level should remain constant. If it falls, it means that the system has developed a leak. Here’s how to check:

1. Locate the coolant reservoir and check that the coolant level is between the two level marks on the reservoir.
2. If necessary top up with a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and antifreeze.


Always check tyre pressure with the tyres cold – never after riding – because the pressure increases when hot.

Give the tyre a quick visual check for any damage or wear of the tread. Then use a tyre pressure gauge to measure the pressure in each tyre and compare this with the specified pressure (usually on a label attached to the chain guard or rear mudguard). Use a pump to increase the pressure if necessary.

Lights and horn

Check that all lights, brake lights and turn signals work. Check that the horn works – you might really need it in a critical moment.


Check the brakes individually. Their application must be firm and they must be fully applied without the lever (front) or pedal (rear) reaching its full travel. They must also free off completely when the lever or pedal is released and allow the wheels to turn freely without drag.

Check the fluid level of hydraulic brakes by viewing the level in relation to the lines on the master cylinder reservoir. If it is below the lower line, top up the fluid.

Use the fluid type marked on the reservoir cap (usually DOT 4) and top up to the level line inside the reservoir.

Drive chain

Most bikes have chain drive to the rear wheel. The chain needs to be well lubricated and shouldn’t have too much free play. If the chain looks dry give it a squirt of aerosol chain lube. If it looks too slack, adjust its tension.

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