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3,000 per day


The BMW G310GS motorcycle is a great way to get around town or explore Delhi. It's also a fun hobby and can be use

6,500 per day


Hire harley davidson 883 in Karol bagh for your photoshoot, special occasions, weekend gateaways or a long trip! Here are some of the hig

6,500 per day


The Harley 883 is a powerful and versatile motorcycle designed for both cruising and city riding. With its sleek design and impressive pe

6,500 per day


Are you looking at a pioneer of raw, blacked-out, stripped-down custom style Harley Davidson Superbike? In the year

6,500 per day


Hire Harley Davidson Iron 883 on rent in Delhi at just 6500/day. We provide you with the well maintained Superbikes on rent in

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Superbikes on rent in Delhi at an affordable cost:

For bike enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, superbikes are a perfect choice. There are more people in India driving and riding their first-ever Superbikes today than ever before. However, Owning expensive high-powered motorcycles is not the easiest job for most people especially here in India.

At StoneheadBikes We provide you with a wide range of bikes on rent. We have a fleet of superbikes available on rental like BMW G 310 GSs to Harley Davidson.

Just let us know where you are and we will sort you right away! We understand your need for unrestricted long drives and the thrill associated with it. We provide extensions of the booking period to help you enjoy uninterrupted. Our Pocket-friendly tariffs ensure your experience will be a memorable one.

BMW G 310 GSs Superbike on rental in delhi

The G 310 GS is the perfect companion for navigating your city, or exploring long road trips Thanks to the comfortable GS ergonomics and high-quality equipment, this Superbike is designed for everyday riding.

Some features of the BMW G 310 GSs:

  1. Powerful Engine: This model features a 313cc liquid-cooled It’s a good engine combined with six-speed manual transmission. This engine has enough power to handle around town duties, off-road requirements, and highway rides.
  2. Styling: This bike undoubtedly is very appealing and includes all Classic styling elements of the GS.
  3. Comfort and stability: The G 310 GS is fleet-footed whether you’re bouncing around a trail or cruising along the highways. New riders are going to appreciate the confident feel when in the saddle.

Harley Davidson Superbike on rental in delhi

The Iron 883 sticks to the Sportster philosophy and gets an unmixed and clutter-free design. It's super fun and easy bike to ride. You'll enjoy it for use around town or on short cruises. Urban Bike enthusiasts will enjoy a comfortable ride.

Some features of the Harley Davidson bike:

  1. Powerful Engine: Iron 883 gets a good looking V-twin engine. The V-twin is air-cooled and brings along with it the classic Harley sound.
  2. Comfort and stability: The Harley Davidson is quite reliable, cornered, and handled great. And that's why so many people love them.

At Stonehead, Superbike rental starts from Rs 3000. The security deposit varies from INR 1000- INR 40000 depending on which bike model you choose. This sum is held as insurance for the damages to the bike that may incur during the journey. On your return, a complete inspection of the motorbike is done by our mechanic. In case of no damages, the complete sum is refunded back.

The bikes are in great condition and the entire process is very quick and hassle-free. Stonehead Bikes is the one-stop solution for all your bike rental needs. We are focused on maximal consumer loyalty. Your quest for the best bikes on rent in Delhi ends here. Get the best bike rental in Delhi all in one place so that you don’t have to overspend on your commute or travel.

We are one of the most affordable bike rentals in Delhi. StoneHeadBikes is just not the name of a travel group that provides bike rental in Delhi but a medium that opens the gate of opportunity where you can spread your wings as per interests.


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