Travel trends in India

The Biggest Travel trends in India 2024

Travel Trends in India 2024: What to Expect?

As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic, the travel industry is getting back on its feet. India is a top travel destination and tourism is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. With the advent of technology and changing consumer behavior, travel trends in India are also evolving. In this article, we will discuss the travel trends that will shape the Indian travel industry in 2023.

1) Domestic travel will continue to be popular

domestic-travel-indiaDue to the pandemic, international travel has been curtailed and many people have turned to domestic travel. This travel trends in India is expected to continue in 2023 as people are still reluctant to travel abroad. Domestic tourism is an important contributor to the Indian economy, and the government has promoted domestic tourism through various campaigns. As more and more people want to explore their own country, domestic travel will remain popular in the coming years.

2) Adventure travel will be in demand

adventure-travelIn recent years, adventure travel has become increasingly popular among Indians. With more and more people looking for unique and offbeat destinations, adventure travel is expected to increase in the coming years. Activities such as trekking, motorcycle tours, camping and water sports are becoming more accessible and affordable, attracting a wider audience. In 2023, adventure travel is expected to be a major trend in the Indian travel industry.

3) Sustainable travel will be a priority

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword, and travelers are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment. In 2023, sustainable travel will be a priority for many travelers as more and more people look for eco-friendly accommodations and activities. The Ministry of tourism – Indian government has also been promoting sustainable tourism, and initiatives such as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and the Clean India Campaign have helped raise awareness of sustainable travel.

4) Technology will play a bigger role

TechnologyTechnology has transformed the travel industry and will continue to do so in 2023. With the advent of smartphones and the internet, travelers are more connected than ever before. Mobile apps, online booking platforms and virtual tours have made travel planning more convenient and accessible. In 2023, expect to see more technological advances in the travel industry, such as AI-driven chatbots, augmented reality tours, and digital assistants.

5) Wellness travel will continue to grow

wellnessWellness travel has been on the rise in recent years, and is expected to remain so in 2023. As more and more people place importance on their mental and physical well-being, wellness tourism is becoming a popular trend. Ayurveda, yoga and meditation are just some of the wellness activities that attract travelers to India. The country’s diverse landscape and spiritual heritage make it an ideal destination for wellness travel.

6) Luxury travel will make a comeback

luxuLuxury travel suffered a setback during the pandemic, but it is expected to make a comeback in 2023. As more people are willing to spend money on their travel experiences, luxury travel will increase. India has a rich history and cultural heritage, and luxury travelers are looking for unique and exclusive experiences that showcase the country’s heritage. Luxury train travel, palace hotels and private tours are some of the luxury travel experiences that are expected to be in demand.

7) Working stays are becoming more popular

The pandemic has accelerated the work-from-home trend and spawned a new trend, workcations. A workcation is a combination of work and vacation where people travel to a destination and work from there. In 2023, workcations are expected to become more popular as people want to combine work and leisure. In India, there are many destinations that are ideal for workcations, such as Goa, Kerala, and the Himalayan Mountains.

8) Culinary tourism will flourish

Food has always been an essential part of travel, and culinary tourism is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular in India. With its diverse cuisine and culinary heritage, India is a foodie’s paradise. In 2023, it is expected that more people will travel to India to experience its cuisine. Food tours, cooking classes and farm-to-table experiences are some of the culinary experiences that are expected to be in demand.

9) Contactless travel will be the new norm
The pandemic has changed the way we travel, and contactless travel is becoming the new norm. Travelers are looking for ways to minimize contact with others to reduce the risk of infection. In 2023, it is expected that more contactless technologies will be introduced in the travel industry, such as contactless check-in, e-tickets and digital payments.

10) Slow travel will gain traction
Slow travel is a travel trend in india that focuses on the journey rather than the destination. It encourages travelers to take their time, explore their surroundings and immerse themselves in the local culture. Slow travel is expected to grow in importance in 2023 as people seek meaningful travel experiences. Slow travel allows travelers to build a deeper connection with their destination and create long-lasting memories.


The Indian travel industry is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. Domestic travel, adventure travel, sustainable travel, technology, wellness travel and luxury travel are some of the trends that will shape the industry by 2023. Travel companies and tourism boards must keep pace with these trends to meet the changing needs of travelers. By embracing these trends, the Indian travel industry can appeal to a wider audience and offer unique and memorable travel experiences.

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