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What Are The Ideal Clothes to Ride A Motorcycle?

To ride a motorcycle you have to be prepared, but not only do you need to know how to drive, but you also have to know how to dress for your safety. In addition to the helmet, you will need other elements to protect yourself, both from accidents and from the weather.

The first thing to consider is the helmet, when you choose it you must prioritize the quality. It must be approved by the ISO Certification as well as it must have the label or Certificate of Approval of Auto Parts and/or Security elements.

It also has protection for your eyes, if your motorcycle does not have the necessary shelter that covers you from the wind, dust, insects or small stones that could hurt you.

 If your helmet does not have that barrier either, the ideal is to wear plastic lenses that give you security. Keep in mind that it is important that they have ventilation holes so that they do not fog.

Your hands also have to be protected; A pair of special gloves for riding motorcycles is indispensable. Thus you avoid blows, scrapes or other wounds that can cause you to fall; In addition to the blisters that can come out. 

The protection must be reinforced, have padding, and cover yourself above the wrist so that the air does not get into your sleeves. The fabric does or does have to be non-slip and give you the comfort of movement, choose them neither too loose nor too tight.

The jacket and pants that you wear should also ensure protection. You never have to dress in baggy clothes, because it can get caught with the chain or pedal; although you do not squeeze so much that you cannot move freely. Depending on your look you can choose between leather clothes or some synthetic fabric. 

Ideally, it should be resistant and cover your entire body (long sleeves and long pants), to avoid injury from falls or weather. The jackets can have special protections in the area of ​​shoulders, elbows, and back; as well as the pants come with built-in knee pads. 

But it is better that these types of protections are removable so that it is easier to wash the garment. Another option, if you are one of those who compete, is to wear a monkey, with the best style of a pilot,

Footwear is another fundamental point that not many consider. It is essential to have a good, durable and resistant sole; but also protect both your feet and your ankles from possible burns. Special boots usually have these characteristics and are also waterproof.

If you make long trips add earplugs, which will prevent dizziness and headaches caused by winds. Elbow pads and knee pads, in case you don’t have it already included in your clothes. 

Opt also for a neck protector, which will work between the helmet and the torso, keeping you safe in case of an abrupt movement. Extra protection for your back with an independent jacket back can be another good option.

There are thousands of equipment that will adapt to your style, so in addition to dressing with your own wave also try to wear the ideal to protect your body.

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