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Top 10 Places in Noida

Top 10 Places in Noida to Explore by Bike | Bikes Rental in Noida

Top 10 Places in Noida

Explore Noida’s best attractions to visit by bike with our detailed guide on bikes rental in Noida.

Noida, a vibrant city adjacent to Delhi in the National Capital Region (NCR), offers an array of attractions perfect for exploration on two wheels. Whether you’re a local resident looking for weekend adventures or a visitor eager to experience the city’s charm, biking through Noida’s diverse landscapes promises relaxation and excitement. This guide highlights the top 10 places you shouldn’t miss when exploring Noida by bike.

Did you know? Bike rentals in Noida have increased by 20% in the past year, reflecting a growing trend towards eco-friendly and convenient transportation options.

Navigating Noida by bike is like embarking on a discovery tour where each pedal stroke reveals a new facet of the city, from serene parks to vibrant markets. Check out the bike on rent in Noida prices HERE.

1. Okhla Bird Sanctuary
Located along the Yamuna River, Okhla Bird Sanctuary is a haven for nature lovers and birdwatchers. With over 300 bird species, it’s ideal for ornithologists and photographers. Biking trails wind through its serene environment, offering glimpses of migratory birds and lush greenery.

2. Worlds of Wonder
For thrill-seekers and families, Worlds of Wonder (WOW) is a must-visit destination. This amusement park features adrenaline-pumping rides and a water park with thrilling slides. Biking around WOW allows you to explore its vast grounds and vibrant atmosphere.

3. The Great India Place (TGIP) Mall
TGIP Mall is not just a shopping destination but a cultural hub in Noida. With diverse retail outlets, restaurants, cinemas, and gaming zones, it attracts locals and tourists alike. Biking around the mall area provides a convenient way to shop, dine, and explore nearby attractions.

4. Botanical Garden
Escape the city bustle at Noida’s Botanical Garden. Spanning 160 acres, it boasts landscaped gardens, exotic plants, and tranquil water bodies. Biking paths crisscross the garden, allowing visitors to meander through themed sections like medicinal plants and orchid gardens.

5. Sector 18 Market
Sector 18 Market is Noida’s commercial heart, known for its vibrant street life and bustling markets. Biking through Sector 18 offers a sensory experience with vendors selling everything from trendy clothing to local street food.

6. Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Sthal and Green Garden
Also known as Ambedkar Park, this sprawling memorial celebrates Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s legacy with statues, fountains, and landscaped gardens. Biking through the Green Garden surrounding the memorial offers a peaceful retreat amidst its serene surroundings.

7. DLF Mall of India
One of India’s largest malls, DLF Mall of India offers luxury retail, international brands, and entertainment options. Biking enthusiasts can explore its themed shopping zones, gourmet eateries, and indoor entertainment facilities.

8. Noida Golf Course
Noida Golf Course is a picturesque destination for golfers and bikers alike. Biking around its well-maintained greens provides scenic views of the course, ponds, and wildlife.

9. Surajkund
Just a short bike ride from Noida, Surajkund hosts the annual Crafts Mela and offers panoramic views of the Aravalli hills. Biking through Surajkund allows visitors to explore its cultural heritage and natural beauty.

10. Yamuna Expressway
Conclude your Noida bike tour with a scenic ride along the Yamuna Expressway. This modern highway offers smooth roads and expansive views of rural landscapes, providing a refreshing contrast to urban Noida.

FAQ Section:

1. How can I rent a bike in Noida?

Renting a bike in Noida is simple. Browse online or visit local rental services with a valid ID and payment for rental fees and deposits.

2. Are helmets provided with bike rentals in Noida?

Yes, reputable bike rental services in Noida provide helmets for safety while riding.

3. Can I rent bikes in Noida for multiple days?

Absolutely! Many bike rental companies offer flexible rental periods to suit your schedule.

4. Are there designated biking areas in Noida?

Yes, Noida has parks, gardens, and recreational areas with designated biking trails. Okhla Bird Sanctuary and Botanical Garden are popular spots.

5. What should I do if my rental bike breaks down?

Most rental services offer roadside assistance for breakdowns. Keep their contact information handy for quick support.

Exploring Noida by bike offers a unique and immersive way to experience its diverse attractions, from serene natural sanctuaries and rich cultural landmarks to bustling markets and state-of-the-art malls. Whether you’re a Noida resident or visiting the city, biking allows you to uncover the true essence of Noida at your own leisurely pace. Plan your biking adventure today and explore these top 10 places that promise unforgettable experiences on two wheels.

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Renting a bike in Noida

Experience Noida in a New Way: Renting a Bike in Noida (2024 updated)

Renting a bike in Noida

If you’re looking for a thrilling and unique way to explore Noida, renting a bike in noida could be the perfect option. Riding a bike offers a completely different experience from driving a car or taking public transportation. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider renting a bike in Noida.

Freedom to Explore
When you rent a bike, you have the freedom to explore the city at your own pace and on your own terms. You can avoid traffic and take scenic routes that may not be accessible by car. You can stop whenever you want to take photos or simply enjoy the scenery. Renting a bike allows you to create your own itinerary and experience the city in a way that suits your preferences.

Affordable Transportation
Renting a bike can be an affordable option for transportation in Noida. It is often cheaper than renting a car, taking a taxi, or using public transportation. Additionally, motorcycles are more fuel-efficient than cars, so you can save money on gas. If you’re traveling on a budget, renting a motorcycle can be a great way to save money while still being able to explore the city.

Thrilling Experience
Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling and exhilarating experience. It offers a sense of freedom and adventure that is hard to replicate with other modes of transportation. The wind in your hair, the sound of the engine, and the feeling of the road beneath your feet are all part of the experience. Renting a bike in Noida can be an exciting way to add some adventure to your travels.

Better for the Environment
Motorcycles are generally more environmentally friendly than cars. They produce fewer emissions and use less fuel. By renting a motorcycle instead of a car, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable way of traveling.

If you’re considering renting a bike in Noida, there are several rental options available. Many companies offer bike on rent in Noida, and you can easily compare prices and availability online. Be sure to read reviews and check the rental company’s safety record before making a reservation. Do check out our Noida rental section for available bikes on rent.

When renting a motorcycle, it is important to remember that safety should always be a top priority. Be sure to wear appropriate protective gear, including a helmet, jacket, and gloves. Familiarize yourself with local traffic laws and road conditions before setting out on your adventure. Always ride defensively and be aware of your surroundings.

Another benefit of renting a bike in Noida is the opportunity to meet other riders and connect with the local motorcycle community. Noida has several popular biking destinations, including the Buddh International Circuit, a world-class Formula 1 racing track, and the Surajpur Bird Sanctuary, a popular spot for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. Joining a local motorcycle club or attending a bike event can be a great way to meet other riders and explore the city together.

In conclusion, renting a bike in Noida can be an exciting and unique way to explore the city. It offers a sense of freedom, adventure, and affordability that is hard to replicate with other modes of transportation. If you’re looking for a way to add some excitement to your travels, consider renting a motorcycle in Noida. With the right gear, preparation, and mindset, you can experience the thrill of the open road and create unforgettable memories.