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Riding gears and accessories on rent in Delhi – Stoneheadbikes

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about bike riding gears and accessories on rent in Delhi. Price list is given below and to order, please visit www.stoneheadbikes.com and add the required gears/accessories on the final order page.

Riding a motorcycle is not only fun but also an excellent way to explore the city. However, riding without proper gear can be risky and can result in severe injuries. That’s why it’s crucial to wear protective gear when riding a motorcycle. But what if you don’t own a motorcycle gear or can’t afford to buy one? That’s where renting comes in.

Riding Gears on Rent in Delhi

If you’re looking for motorcycle riding gears on rent in Delhi, you’re in luck. We offer motorcycle riding gear on rent, including helmets, jackets, gloves, boots, and more. Renting motorcycle gear is an affordable and convenient option for those who don’t own gear or want to try out new gear before purchasing.

Benefits of Renting Riding Gear

Renting motorcycle gear has several benefits. Firstly, it’s an affordable option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on gear. Secondly, it’s a convenient option for those who don’t have space to store gear or don’t want to carry it around. Thirdly, renting allows you to try out different gear before purchasing, so you can find the gear that’s right for you.

Types of Riding Gear Available for Rent

There are several types of available motorcycle riding gears and accessories on rent in Delhi. These include:

Helmets: Helmets are the most important piece of gear that you should always wear when riding a motorcycle. You can rent different types of helmets, including full-face, half-face, and modular helmets.

Jackets: Motorcycle jackets provide protection from the wind, rain, and other elements. You can rent jackets made of leather, textile, or mesh material.

Gloves: Gloves protect your hands from the wind and provide better grip on the handlebars. You can rent gloves made of leather or textile material.

Boots: Motorcycle boots protect your feet and ankles and provide better grip on the footpegs. You can rent boots made of leather or synthetic material.

Other Accessories: Other accessories that you can rent include knee and elbow pads, body armor, rain gear, ladakh carrier, panniers, saddle stay, saddlebags, tank bags, mobile holders, fog lamps, Gopro action camera on rent and more.