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Keys To Driving A Motorcycle When It Rains And Not Falling In The Attempt

We go to our garage or take a motorcycle on rent, turn on the engine of our bike, and meanwhile, we put on our gloves and put on our integral helmet.

We and ready to go and … surprise! It’s raining.

From there, our minds change. Now we will have to be even more careful driving both in the city and on the highway. We offer a series of tips for those who have no choice but to use the motorcycle when it rains and can get home safely.

Maximize visibility as much as possible

When it rains, visibility is usually much lower than if we drive on a sunny day. The sky is hidden by the black clouds loaded with water, which almost forces us to go in a kind of sunset, without much less light. This added to the drops that fall makes other canned drivers have much less visibility, which leads us to conclude that they will see even less the motorcycles that circulate next to them.

For this reason, we have to wear clothes that are as light as possible: the helmet, the jacket, the raincoat, the motorcycle pants (better waterproof) and even if possible the boots and gloves.

We have to use reflective elements so that others see us. If not, we recommend buying yellow reflective tapes or employing a reflective vest. So there will be no doubt if they see us or not, And of course, we always have to drive with the low beams on.

When we talk about visibility, we also have to consider the fog that can appear on our mirrors when entering a tunnel and on our helmets. In the first case, we can have anti-fog mirrors or, if we don’t want to invest so much money, we can buy some spray with an anti-condensation effect. In the helmet, it is best to use a pin-lock that will prevent the screen from fogging up, and if we use a nose cover, it will also help.

You have to try to make the roundabouts slowly, without running, and without almost tipping the bike. It is a conflictive place where we must walk with a hundred eyes and where it is relatively easy for the bike to lose grip. We must also not forget that special attention must be paid to roundabouts near petrol pumps since the vehicles that leave can drag traces of fuel mixed with the water and turn the road into a very slippery terrain.

Beware of the traps on the ground.

Going on a motorcycle is talking about physics and balance. We are riding on a two-wheeled vehicle when we stop; it tends to fall to one side. For this reason, the water on the road does not help to keep it vertical, and less when we encounter slippery objects. Our worst enemies are white, painted lines, crosswalks, fallen leaves, gutters, and grates. Any directly experienced biker does not step on them and runs away from them almost unconsciously.

But there are more areas to avoid. At traffic lights, when some cars stop, they release oil onto the roads. Therefore, we must be aware that there may be this liquid near the center of the lanes near the traffic lights. Let’s try not to step on it by passing through one side, not directly through the center.

Better to ride with the motorcycle as vertical as possible

When the road is wet, our tires can slip more and lose grip sooner. One of the causes of this loss of grip is tar, one of the culprits that the road is slippery. What prevents this situation is the conglomeration of stones and fragments of other materials that accompany it. Over time they are polished, forming compact road that neither drains water nor offers any traction aid.

In those low grip cases, we need the most extensive contact surface of our tires with the ground. Therefore, we must go slowly to incline our motorcycle as little as possible. The most recommended thing is that we go slower than we would on a dry road and not force our grip to avoid falling to the ground.

These are the tips that will help us improve our driving in the rain. However, let us always bear in mind that driving on a wet road is still more dangerous and that the best thing, if you can, is to leave the bike at home.

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