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Best Motorcycle Travel Tips and Recommendations For Riders

If you’re planning a motorcycle travel tips, there are a few things you should know before you start. Make sure that your motorcycle is in good working order, and make sure that it’s cleaned out and ready for the trip. If you will be riding during the cold months, make sure to pack extra layers of clothing—cotton helps insulate you from the cold! And don’t forget your helmet!

There are many people who decide to take advantage of the weekends with good weather to know new places traveling by motorcycle. A plan that a priori seems very attractive, but that can be truncated if you are not used to long-distance routes. Below are several Motorcycle Travel Tips and recommendations to all those who are going to make a trip of this type for the first time:

Here are some best Motorcycle Travel Tips for everyone

  1. Bags and Suitcases

The amount of luggage carried will be determined by the distance to be traveled, the duration of the journey and the number of people traveling on the motorcycle. The first thing to do is distribute the weight between all the bags or suitcases. Do not load everything on the same side, otherwise, the motorcycle will become unbalanced.

Although the bags should be waterproof, if it rains, it is quite likely that the water ends up entering the Bags. To prevent the luggage from getting wet, it is advisable to protect all the objects inside by keeping them in plastic bags.

On the other hand, make sure that the bags are securely fastened. On long trips, the bags tend to move, so it is essential to tie them very well so as not to lose them. It is also advisable to cover them with some flame retardant material since, as they move, they may approach the exhaust pipe and be damaged.

  1. Clothing

No matter how hot it is, always wear a  suit with protections. You should not drive in a shirt, without gloves, without a helmet or without the right shoes. Although the journey is short, if a fall is suffered and the proper equipment is not carried, there is a risk of serious burns and injuries.

In addition, you have to wear spare clothes, but never in excess. A good option is to wear old shirts that do not matter to wear and throw. In this way, the suitcase is emptying and there is room in case you want to keep memories of the trip.

A detail to keep in mind is that the clothes, especially the internal, should be comfortable. Normally garments with many seams begin to bother when they have been driving for several hours.

  1. Food and drinks

Motorcycle trips are exhausting and that is why it is very important to be well fed and hydrated throughout the journey. Isotonic drinks are perfect for cooling and maintaining the level of minerals in the body. On the other hand, the energy bars occupy very little space and are an excellent snack. Bringing cans of precooked food is not a bad idea either.

  1. Motorcycle condition

Before starting a trip you should check that all the components of the motorcycle are well. We StoneHeadBikes must ensure that the brakes, shock absorbers, filter, fluid level, wheel pressure, are in good condition. Part of this check is simple and can be carried out by the driver himself.

When you are going to take a long-term tour, it is recommended to take the motorcycle to a workshop so that it can be examined more thoroughly and ensure that there is no damaged item that may break during the trip.

If despite having carried out the necessary checks, there is a puncture or breakdown in the trip, a  basic repair kit can be very helpful. In remote places, it is difficult to find help and assistance can take a long time to arrive.

Also keep in mind that sometimes the routes pass through remote places where the nearest petrol pumps could be a few kilometers away, so it is advisable to refuel whenever you have the opportunity.

  1. Documentation

Always have to put insurance,  driving license, Adhar Card or Voter ID. In addition, it must be verified that the documents that have an expiration date are in effect and will be available during the entire period of the trip.

  1. Physical well-being

Finally, we must not forget that motorcycle trips involve great physical wear and that the body is going to be subjected to postures to which it is not accustomed. It is advisable to do a series of stretches before starting the journey and after each stop to avoid muscle aches.

If you are going to make a long trip, the ideal would be to make tours of at least two hours once a week in the months prior to the trip. The idea is that the body adapts to be extended periods of time on the motorcycle.

At this point, it should be remembered that you should take breaks every two hours or 100 kilometers, in addition to having slept enough in the hours before the trip.

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